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Edição 33 do jornal SPRING

Spring 33rd Edition 2019

Hey Everyone! Before we begin just a small introduction.

Welcome to Spring! No, not the season, the newspaper! Spring is a yearly newspaper collecting articles written by the students of our beautiful Escola Secundária De Fafe for their English classes and to come together and work for a single cause.

Just as a side note from the editorial team, this was a massive pain to edit. Why? Well, for the fact that this 33rd edition of Spring is the biggest to date! We, both students and English teachers, are extremely happy we managed to achieve this feat thanks to everyone’s contributions.

On the following pages you will find almost everything imaginable! From issues that plague the world, to your average teenager’s problems, science, music, poetry and even historical recounts!

It was a pleasure to oversee the making of this project and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you enjoy this newspaper as much as I enjoyed pulling all nighters listening to Queen’s entire discography editing this!

But why English? Well the easiest answer is of course that, for those who have a deep understanding of the language, it’s the simplest way to get an amazing grade. English teachers will say it provides you with skills which will be extremely helpful in the everchanging world of today.

But you know why I chose it for the classes I would have on 12th grade? For both of those reasons and, most importantly, I like it! Which is something rare for me. Sure having a 19 or a 20 on your grade sheet, or knowing how to communicate with most people in the world is helpful, but above all, what I wish to convey to you all is choose something for you and your future which you love. And don’t let go of it. If that is English then I am happy to tell you, you won’t be disappointed! But since I am obliged to give you more arguments to make everyone pick English, up next, students of our schools English classes will tell you why you SHOULD pick English.


Chief Editor,
Lucas Pereira

A edição deste ano já se encontra publicada e pode ser consultada aqui ou clicando sobre a imagem acima.

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