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Edição 32 do jornal SPRING

This year’s Spring Newspaper marks the 32nd edition of this newspaper and what is probably the largest edition of the last couple of years. Spring is a yearly newspaper collecting articles written by the Escola Secundaria de Fafe students not only as part of the English subject but as a way to come together and work for a single cause. In this year’s edition you will be able to find everything, from articles on robotics to diary entries, from essays discussing current day events to poetry and otherwise just about every topic you can think of that may have significance in today’s world. So, it’s an interesting read for those interested in what’s happening in the world as well as those interested in seeing what the English students are up to.
Hope everyone that is reading it enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed editing it. It has taken a lot of work and dedication by just about everyone in our school including every single student that submitted an article as well as the teachers that corrected them and helped in writing.

Tiago Antão, 12.º G
A edição deste ano já se encontra publicada e pode ser consultada aqui ou clicando sobre a imagem acima.

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